EVD (Electronic Voucher Distribution)


EVD (Electronic Voucher Distribution)

We Help You Work Smarter

For Corporates – We partner with companies that need access to the last mile for financial inclusion by bringing any services of value that can be prepaid or tokenised (e.g bill payments, airtime sales, subscriptions) onto the platform.

Problems we are solving

  • This platform brings efficiency, bringing the city closer to its customers
  • Increase in revenue collection for the council
  • Easy payments reconciliation solution
  • Increase efficiency and subscription collection
  • Increased KYC touchpoints

Problem solved for finance companies

  • Increased efficiency and subscription collection
  • Increase in new touchpoints for customer acquisition = business growth
  • Increase of branch network at a low capital cost
  • Easy payments reconciliation solution
  • Increased revenue
  • FACILITATE VOUCHER REDEMPTION POINTS - When a client has put a claim and wants to redeem the vouchers to cash, this platform allows the client to use the Agent Network for cashing out thereby making it easy for them to access cash for when they need it the most

For Corporate – We support you to increase revenue collection

If you are in business in the following sectors, then these services will suit you:
  • Microfinance
  • Retail furniture stores
  • Mobile and computers
  • Life insurance policy
  • Funeral companies
  • Credit unions
  • Pensions funds
  • Medical aid provider

For Individuals and self-employed – We support you
grow your business

Increase Your Service Offering by Becoming an Agent

Many operators have company-owned retail locations in the markets in which they trade and sell their services. However, this approach requires users to physically present themselves at one of the operator’s outlets, which, particularly, is far and cumbersome for users which can take up a large amount of their time. The investment of brick and mortar operations is costly for banks, MNO’s and other service providers. Nowadays through technology,  there is a push towards branchless trends. The need to use agents as mobile money and cash distribution points is now greater than ever before. This has created new business opportunities for the self-employed and small business owners to be appointed as intermediaries (agents). In these cases, operators appoint agents who in turn sell and buy electronic value as a distribution channel like wholesalers or retailers earning a commission.

Benefits to an Agent

Ndasenda Platform As An Agregator provides you with a basket of services which you can sell at a commission, increase footfall and grow your business seamlessly.

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