Corporate Deduction Platform


Corporate Deduction Platform

With more than four years supporting businesses in Zimbabwe, we offer a proven system that allows deductions at source and it works. Partnering with companies like yours is an added benefit for employers and employees in the private sector.

Deductions are set by the employees’ consent using our specially-crafted “AdvancedPay” contracts through the accounts or human resources office.

We believe together we can help the private sector, especially employers, to give more benefits to their employees. We want to partner with those service providers who see value in what we are trying to achieve and who can offer.

Our Partners

If you are in business in the following sectors, then these services will suit you:
  • Banks
  • Microfinance
  • Retail furniture stores
  • Mobile and computers
  • Life insurance policy
  • Funeral companies
  • Credit unions
  • Pensions funds
  • Medical aid providers

Problems We Are Solving

No uncertainty on payments
  • Never chase a payment again. Corporate deductions platform allows you to collect funds automatically on paydays.
  • Once a deduction is set, you can use it to collect one-off or recurring payments of any amount.
Control your cash flow

You will set your deductions with an organisation for the life period of your agreement, send enquiries and receive responses on amounts to be received per month, meaning you’ll be able to predict future revenue for your business.

Key Features Include

  • API integration
  • Sandbox option
  • Billing options available based on plans
  • Employee advance pay
  • Account self service

Our Partners (what they say)

Our Partners