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EVD (Electronic Voucher Distribution)

For Corporates – We partner with companies that need access to the last mile for financial inclusion by bringing any services of value that can be prepaid or tokenised (e.g bill payments, airtime sales, subscriptions) onto the platform.



Corporate deduction

With more than four years supporting businesses in Zimbabwe, we offer a proven system that allows deductions at source and it works. Partnering with companies like yours is an added benefit for employers and employees in the private sector.


Corporate Bulk Payment Solution

Bulk Payments Service is a simple, convenient, and secure way to make regular payments such as wages, expenses and supplier payments. Managed via Online for Business, the service is ideal for companies that wish to make up to 25 payments in one batch or a lot of payments through an upload.



Software and Systems
Development services

A personal touch creates a satisfying customer experience. Send targeted custom messages and promotions directly to a specific audience or your entire customer tribe to encourage repeat business and influence customer behaviour in your favour.


The Last Mile

If we are to accelerate the financial and economic inclusion to all, no matter where they are in the world, we can do that by providing greater access to financial and non-financial services. Everyone in the world will become a participant and a player in the economy, but this is not an end in itself. Ndasenda “Mari” provides an opportunity for anyone to have a financial account that gives access to a multitude of services, including e-commerce across the globe. Ndasenda “Mari” provides accounts that have true utility for personal use, self-employed and business bringing closer to the ultimate goal of financial inclusion. We will empower more of the 1.7 billion adults (unbanked worldwide) to lead a more self-determined life and improve their livelihood starting with those in our country.

For the usage of Ndasenda “Mari” accounts to improve to a level where benefits are generated beyond the account itself, a focus on the “last mile” becomes critical to address real user needs by aligning product design, distribution, business models and financial education.

Based on our observations in our country today of what drives greater usage, we believe that there are three main organizing principles behind running that “last mile” successfully:

First, we need to foster public dialogue and understanding about the costs of cash and the benefits of electronic payments.

Second, to move from dialogue and financial education to results will require synergetic partnerships, government-private partnerships as well as private to private, and business partnerships, that are aligned to create better efficiencies and shared value.

Third, that shared value must generate greater financial empowerment for all, where opportunities are on the rise, not just for the few but for the many and where economic growth is more equitable, scalable, and above all, sustainable.

To see these principles at work, you need to look no further. Download our Ndasenda app and see the number of services we have aggregated in our ambition for greater financial inclusion. We are facilitating partnerships that move from access to usage. We will continue engaging with service providers, corporates, distributors and anyone who needs to access new markets in a single ecosystem in our local markets and beyond.

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